What’s in a Name?

Over the years I have smirked, lol-ed, despaired and repeatedly got on my high horse upon discovering new make-up shade names. Some brands like Lipstick Queen and OPI get it so right when it comes to injecting humour and intelligence into the name of a shade (my all time favourite was from their Germany collection and was called ‘Don’t talk Bach to Me’) but others just promote the kind of anti-feminist bullshit that we’re trying to wipe out of the Beauty industry – like ‘sexy girl’ or ‘flirty doll’.  Nowadays not all women wear make-up to seduce men – many do but even more don’t. Isn’t it time that shade names reflected that?

Here’s a cross section of names I’ve been collating just to make you laugh (or cry).  Some are genius, some are PG and some simply pose the question: ‘just, WHY?!’.  It makes for an amusing and thought provoking read.  Enjoy…


Polly Want a Lacquer

Hot Emily


Truffle Shuffle

Sweet Sixteen

Blushing Princess  (*head hits desk*)

Sexy Siren (*head remains on desk*)

Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink

Little Vixen

I’m Not Really A Waitress (funny)

Make Me Moist

Sex Appeal

Mildew  (eww…)

My Dogsled is a Hybrid

Double Fisted Fuschia (wtf?!)

Erektis Klitoris


Cold Hard Cash

Precious Petal

Deep Throat (incidentally one of the BEST blushers around)

Cat Fight

Trans Europe Express

Abt Last Night


Hepburn Honey (not sure how she’d feel about that one)

Strip Me Down

Pink Pigeon

Men Love Mystery

Mud Wrestler (love this for a shade of lipstick! V Clever)

Dear John

Duvet Day

Baby Doll

Dolly Pink (more head desk hitting…)

Achiever  (from a new range by Hourglass celebrating women.  Much better.)

Inventor  (as above)

Activist (as above)