How to Be Busy and Have Great Skin.

Some of you may have heard of multi-masking.  You know, that thing on Instagram where people use multiple face masks over different areas of the face simultaneously to target different problems.  In my brain multi-masking was something invented by beauty brands last year to make us buy even more skincare products– I’m kidding – kind of not though.

For me, multi-masking means something else.  Multi-masking is the art of catering for your skin needs when you are so frantically busy that you have to mask and type, or mask and tidy your living room or mask and make dinner for seven people, or mask and write an article in 30 minutes flat at 5am.  Multi-masking is for me the ultimate in time efficiency.  Here are my tips on being ludicrously busy and still having time to maintain great skin.

MASK & MAKE BREAKFAST. This Works Stress Check Face Mask is amazing because it’s specifically designed to treat skin first thing in the morning, when it is at its most dehydrated.  Overnight, your skin looses a lot of water and so giving it a good drink immediately when you wake up helps to protect it throughout the day, leaving it less vulnerable to things like pollution.  I keep the tube on my bedside table and pop it on as I get out of bed – I then head into the kitchen to make my breakfast smoothie and wash it off again in the shower after.

MASK & GET READY. I find blow-drying your own hair is a seriously laborious and frankly mind-numbingly boring task.  It’s the perfect time to multi-mask.  But there’s no use trying to wear a clay mask or a cream mask while you blow-dry. Very mucky work.  Instead I like to strap on one of the new Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Masks (Do NOT forget to pull it over your lips – it will turn that dry cracked pout into something Megan Fox would be proud of) and by the time my hair is ready my skin is good to go too.  Also great for cab journeys between the office and your dinner date because there’s no mess.  Your cabbie will think you are mental though.

MASK & WIND DOWN.  As soon as you walk in the door at night get a thin layer of La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Clay Mask over your visage.   It will pull out all of the grim for the tube and it can do its work whilst you make dinner, eat dinner, pay your bills, do you laundry etc…  Wash it off in your bath before bed.

MASK & MAN. And they say multi-masking is something that only women can do. Oh no. Ariel, my husband, loves to wears his Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask in the bath while he chats to his mates on whatsapp or catches up on the rugby score.  It’s a hard life.


Testing out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Dry Sheet Mask for the first time with Charlotte herself. I am now a complete convert.