The Wink: beauty trends on my radar

The Wink, once a weekly beauty e-blast, is now a permeant fixture on my website and is where I round up the good, the bad, the ugly, the innovative and the interesting.  Hope you enjoy the tip-offs.

The Body Part:

Tits. Boobs. Watermellons. Kahunas. Whatever you like to call your bust, breast is best this month according to the ever ingenious e-tailer BeautyMART, who have launched a new bodycare line called STELLAR DÉCOLLETAGE™ specifically formulated for the bust.  The line includes overnight sleep complexes, super serums and exfoliating polishes all for the décolleté area.  Beauty mogul Marcia Kilgore also recently shared on my Instagram feed that her Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro Peeling Super Drops work amazingly when applied to the bust.  Needless to say, I tried this and, as someone with quite a porous bust (should one admit that on the internet?  Oh well too late…) it really did help to resurface and visibly reduce the pore size. But is the skin on your chest really very different to that of your face or body? Well, yes. It doesn’t have as many reparative oil glands so the skin can be less elasticised and thinner. It’s often one of the first places to show signs of ageing – especially if you apply daily spf to it during the summer. Nobody wants wrinkly boobs.

The Podcast:

There are plenty of new beauty podcasts out there at the moment, proving that beauty can succeed as a standalone podcast genre, which is exciting. (Fat Mascara and Beauty Brains are both on Racked’s highly recommended list.) But I’m enjoying ‘How I Built This’ a series hosted by interviewer Guy Raz all about entrepreneurs, idealists and innovators.  If you’re a wellness fan or a wannabe brand founder then it’s well worth listening to his interviews with John Mackey the founder of Wholefoods, Jane Wurwand the founder of Dermalogica and Randy Hetrick the inventor of TRX. Oh, and Sara Blakely on how she made a success of SPANX is simply brilliant. The whole thing is absurdly inspiring and really conveys just how much determination and grit goes into building a million-dollar brand.

The Sustainable Product:

I really rate the highstreet chain Rituals but I feel it’s one of those brands that unless I told you about all the great things it does, you might assume it was just another bath and bodycare chain like all the rest.  Well, it isn’t.  Rituals is a Dutch brand that’s been going for 17 years.  They create lines inspired by global rituals such as Sakura (the annual flowering of the cherry blossom in Japan), Indian Ayurveda, Moroccan Hammam, Dao (the ancient Chinese philosophy centred on achieving the perfect harmony between Yin and Yang). They have a new eco-friendly body cream tub that is designed for refills to be slipped in and out, which in a year they estimate will save 70% of the CO2, 65% of the energy and uses 45% less water than before.  Try the Laughing Budha Fragrance, it’s gorgeous.

The Marketing Push:

The Beauty industry loves a buzzword. Last month it was diversity, this month it’s authenticity.  It sounds ridiculous that such important terms can be trivialised into marketing fads but it’s true. Obviously, the need for authenticity in beauty, especially in skincare and fragrance has come from a good place (ie. small beauty brands wanting to bring real solutions to real skincare problems without the price tag or the incomprehensible beauty speak used by big corporations) but things have started to go awry. Authenticity brands have started selling out to the very same corporations they demonised, lazy copy-cat brands have spotted authenticity as an easy buzzword to lure in consumers and jumped on the bandwagon and designer fragrances are queueing up to launch campaigns with “authentic” spokespersons, who just happen to be really, really attractive and about to release music albums. Don’t you think there is something contrived about mass market authenticity?  I do.  I wonder what’s next.



Image by Regards Coupables