Smells like Sustainability

When a beauty writer starts waffling on about sustainability, it’s easy to switch off. it’s all a bit worthy, isn’t it? Vegan this and microbead that. The thing is that times are changing, and what we once thought was impossibly chic (mountains of weighty, click-together plastic compacts wrapped in ribbon and a hundred layers of tissue paper) starts to look laboured and uncool. Enter Floral Street, an all-new fragrance concept that recently launched in Harvey Nichols. The woman behind the brand is Michelle Feeney, former chief executive at tanning brand St Tropez. the first thing you notice about the bottles is that they are beautiful — like mini Nick Knight floral glass explosions — followed by the boxes (below), which are made from recyclable pulp cartons bound together with a bright reusable plastic band. What’s that? No plastic cellophane? No laminated boxes or polystyrene filler? Hallelujah.

The fact is that some 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year and, according to a report by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, by 2050 the weight of plastic in the sea will match the weight of fish. Floral Street is proof that perfume doesn’t have to be trussed up like a Christmas tree to be appealing. Smells like the perfect eco- conscious scent to me.

As published in ES Magazine