The Beauty Elves Are Here….

This week in ES Magazine I shared my personal beauty Christmas wishlist. That slightly akward half smile is me saying: Yes, this Pat McGrath gold eyeshadow is 100% worth every single penny (the very same was used at the Versace show), Cire Trudon makes the best candles that never smoke and if it’s new make-up brushes you need then the only brand to consider is My Kit Co…

But buying beauty for other people at Christmas isn’t that easy. Make-up counters can be scary, frustrating and pressurising places (that Mr Bean scene from Love Actually springs to mind…) and online shopping directories can lead to information overload.  You need someone on the inside.

That’s why I’ve decided to run a Christmas personal shopping service this year; to lend the clueless a helping hand, point you in the right direction and most of all  give you the confidence you need to buy beauty for someone that isn’t yourself…. More details to follow….